3d configurators can help you to create striking online shopping experiences. Thanks to digital environments with 3d assets, users are able to explore in detail your products in real-time.

CGI refers to Computer-Generated Imagery — it is the creation of visual content with computer software. This technology is used in everything from advertising, architecture, engineering, virtual reality, to even art.

Thanks to CGI, retail businesses are able to showcase their products in a more dynamic way. …

The new reality is virtual, and augmented! The unlimited possibilities of VR and AR are being used more and more. It lifts online shopping and experiences to a completely new level. Something users and clients are demanding nowadays. Virtual showrooms and stores are now open 24/7. These platforms are so attractive, that you really get drawn into the digital realm. All this from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated world. You can view this digital space through a VR-headset. Augmented Reality uses the existing world and adds certain elements. It is like an extra layer…

Just as technology develops, the expectations of users rise accordingly. Designers have to bring their A-game year after year. Some UI trends are here to stay, but most of them come and go. What could have been popular last year, can be totally out of fashion this year. It is a major challenge for designers to keep their creations fresh and relevant. Let us take a closer look at what will be hot in 2021.


Just as it sounds, this is all about simplicity. It has been around for a while and isn’t planning on going anywhere. It has…

The 3D configurator is taking over the E-commerce space. It is a great way to dynamically display your products and give your clients the freedom to customize these products. It enhances the shopping experience, increases conversion and gives you an edge in the highly competitive online market.

But how did we get to this point? This brilliant tool has not always been very accessible. Back in the day, only the wealthiest companies could afford photo-generated 3D models. Photography was transformed into a flat render and this flat render could be adjusted into a 3D configurator. Later, via a script, colors…

Have you ever customized a product online to your total liking? Maybe you have customized your dream car. The best-looking paint job, smooth interior, cool rims, you can mix and match until it is completely you. Perhaps you have personalized a sneaker, choosing your favorite colors, laces, putting your initials on the side.

The options a 3D configurator offers are endless and you see your creation in an instant. It results in a new level of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Let’s take a closer look at five of the key benefits a 3D product configurator offers.

1. Higher…

The tool to boost your e-commerce

Business is shifting more and more to the digital realm. E-commerce is growing, especially during these peculiar times. The global Covid-19 crisis and its lockdown regulations force us to change our way of doing business. If we don’t adjust, we lose. It’s that simple. Luckily modern-day technology offers amazing tools to survive in this highly competitive environment. The Virtual Tour is definitely one of the most creative and effective ways to stand out. Let’s take a closer look at the three most important advantages of the Virtual Tour.

  1. Increase your reach

Most stores are…

Designing and building a stand is a multi-facet endeavor, with different players and a lot of complications. Challenge accepted!

Every project demands an openminded approach, a healthy dose of creativity, and the willingness to abandon old ideas. We received an interesting challenge when we first sat at the table with a company, Arti70, specialized in designing and building all type of stands for conventions and fairs.

A fair or convention is a great opportunity to meet with potential customers, influential figures within the industry and to present your company in the best way possible. It is your organization, compressed into the small confines of the stand. …

Pols potten wants to invite the whole world to their store. They have created such a wonderful showroom where all of their beautiful products are on display. But what if it’s just not possible to visit their store? What if we live on the other side of the globe? How do you increase the reach and improve the shopping experience from a distance? So we had to come up with a solution. We had to bring their store to your digital doorstep. An environment where you could wander around, view all the items and order them easily.

Virtual Tour, a…

Carna is a mobile app is for people with kidney disease to monitor their creatinine and eGFR values in their blood.

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