3D configurator for everybody

The 3D configurator is taking over the E-commerce space. It is a great way to dynamically display your products and give your clients the freedom to customize these products. It enhances the shopping experience, increases conversion and gives you an edge in the highly competitive online market.

But how did we get to this point? This brilliant tool has not always been very accessible. Back in the day, only the wealthiest companies could afford photo-generated 3D models. Photography was transformed into a flat render and this flat render could be adjusted into a 3D configurator. Later, via a script, colors could be adjusted but that just did not cut it. This whole process was extremely costly and time-consuming. When the gaming industry developed, a configurator in 3D with a plug-in, was able to play in a browser. But this was very heavy to run.

A second option was to have high-resolution renders on awfully expensive computers. Nice for a brand like Lamborghini but still not very accessible for the majority of companies. As soon as the plug-in could be left out, the next step in the development was taken. Java script 3D libraries made the tool light and playable on mobile devices, with loads of effects. Now it was possible to play it in a browser. The 3D configurator finally reached the point where it could replace photography. Photography is a very time-consuming process and does not give any option to adjust or customize.

With today’s 3D configurator, it is possible to see the product not only from all angles, but you can also place objects in a certain space. Think about placing a table or couch in a room and play interior designer. Even books are displayed in 3D so that you have a better feeling of the product. This adds to the total browser experience. It basically places the product in your hands. It enhances the ordering process and truly gives you a unique experience. Not only does it improve E-commerce, but it also brings interactivity to your website and E-commerce platform. The beauty is that you can share this easily with others which makes it very suitable for social media.

An important question remains, is this tool easy to implement to your E-commerce platforms and back-office systems? For starters, the 3d configurator is compatible to every type of screen that can display your product or service in a 3D environment. Through your webshop, your clients have access to the 3D configurator, which can be integrated into every E-commerce platform and connect to the CRM system you are using like Salesforce, Magento, Woo Commerce, Hybris and Shopify.

The evolution in technology and developments in E-commerce makes the 3D configurator a desirable tool. It is an accessible tool due to an attractive ROI and great possibilities, especially compared to the first versions. The 3D configurator can be tailor-made and is easy to implement into your current systems.

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