Three key benefits of a Virtual Tour

The tool to boost your e-commerce

Business is shifting more and more to the digital realm. E-commerce is growing, especially during these peculiar times. The global Covid-19 crisis and its lockdown regulations force us to change our way of doing business. If we don’t adjust, we lose. It’s that simple. Luckily modern-day technology offers amazing tools to survive in this highly competitive environment. The Virtual Tour is definitely one of the most creative and effective ways to stand out. Let’s take a closer look at the three most important advantages of the Virtual Tour.

  1. Increase your reach

Most stores are closed so now what? Besides, a physical store has an extremely limited range. Driving to a shop to see the different product costs a lot of time and transportation cost. And what if you live in another country? That is a good reason to pass. The beauty of the Virtual Tour is that you bring your showroom to the client. They are there within a few clicks. You can easily send a link to your potential clients. Anybody can visit your store from anywhere, anytime. You can linger as long as you want or come back whenever you please. Your store is open 24/7!

2. Grab attention

Everything revolves around the visual spectacle that is offered. The visual aspect of the Virtual Tour easily connects with your audience. You just can’t get away with a static image of a product. A world must be created in which you are taken on an adventure, in which a story is told. We want to travel, especially now. We want to be able to wander through a showroom, but from the comfort of our own home. We want to see products in an appealing environment. The Virtual Tour takes online shopping to a completely new level and provides that unique experience.

3. Boost your revenue

A Virtual Tour does not only look good, it has a major impact on your e-commerce. A Google study shows us that taking a Virtual Tour doubles the interest in your business. People stay 5 to 10 times longer on your website, which dramatically improves your chances of conversion. It also creates more interaction on social media, directing more traffic to your business. You increase engagement and stand out. Even better, 67% of the respondents of that study wished that more companies would include a Virtual Tour on their website. It seems that it is becoming the norm. You can connect your webshop to the Virtual Tour which makes the order process convenient and efficient.

We are constantly challenged to move forward and find creative ways to gain interest in our business. New standards are being set and if we do not evolve, there is no chance of making it. Now is the time to grow and invest in new technology. The Virtual Tour is the way to make your company future-proof today!

By combining creativity with technology, we help brands to grow into the digital age.